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  • Competitive rates

  • Excellent 24/7 service

  • Cost savings to principals with periodic evaluation

  • Better call planning

  • Consistent professional service

  • Reliable service level you can trust

  • Prompt attendance to vessels with minimum turn around with a cost effective manner

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At OMEGA SHIPPING (Pvt) Ltd., we are proud to be part of the never ending shipping trade with a promising future. We have a clear sense of why we exist, where we are heading and how we are going to get there. Being one of the most trusted companies, our staff are experts at what they do, they are trained to focus on the smallest details in every transaction and to treat every customer as their only customer..

Our directors named below are highly dedicated / organized and goal-oriented individuals, with strong leadership capabilities, backed by significant business ethics.

Mr. A.M.A Farihan
Mr. S.P.T Peris

Mr. Andrew Peris – Manager Operations
Mr. Indika Jayamaha -Manager Marketing

We also have a dedicated team of Shipping and Marine executives who is the front end strength to our company.

1. Ports that are allowed for crew changes in Sri Lanka

Crew changes are available at all ports in Sri Lanka

2. Can you provide Bunkering and fuel supply Services in all ports?

Bunkering and fuel supply are available at all ports in Sri Lanka

3. Do you have a network of agents in the destination country of my service required?

In any industry, a network is vital. And in the shipping industry, it’s more so. If there’s any unforeseen issue such as a customs problem, port strike or other delay in your destination country, a smart representative or agent can resolve it smoothly. A good shipping company must be able to transport your consignment safely and swiftly with minimum fuss. The company representative must be able to enlighten you about the customs charges for your services in your destination country. If the representative answers your queries about customs satisfactorily, it proves beyond any doubt that the company has prior experience in delivering similar consignments.

4. Which currency do you accept?

This is extremely important if you’re not located in either the origin country or the destination country. Even if you’re located in the destination country, it still matters. Most shipping companies accept payment in US dollars. Some shipping companies accept other currencies as well. But find out which currency you can pay in. Also, ask whether there are bank fees or credit card charges payable

5. Can I get a discount?

And why shouldn’t you? The shipping industry is identical to any other industry. There are lean business periods and peak business periods. . So you can negotiate with the agent of the shipping company and save some money by timing the dispatch of your services. But remember, a quotation is not valid beyond 30 days. Prices are subject to change.